Company overview

ATA Timber is a leading Swedish producer of sawn wood products and BCTMP pulp, operating one of Sweden’s largest privately-owned sawmill and pulp industries. The group consists of eight companies, covering four business areas: processing of sawn timber, production of BCTMP pulp as well as raw material purchasing and forestry services. Founded in 1945, ATA Timber is still a family owned business.

ATA Timber has been a dependable and committed supplier of wood products since the 1940’s and continues to develop relationships and create collaborations with global partners. The sales process typically involves preferred agents, who manage and expedite the sale on site.

Together the sawmills produce about 510 000 m3 of sawn wood products annually, of which 80-85% is exported globally. The pulp production capacity is approximately 175 000 tonnes per year and 85% of the final product is exported. Guaranteeing sustainability is the main priority in every aspect of the production process.

The wood chips used in the pulp production predominantly come from ATA Timber’s saw mills and the chip volume required is about 1 300 000 m3. Forest regeneration is vital to preserve sustainability in the Swedish forests. ATA Timber facilitates extensive planting of approximately 3 000 000 saplings annually. The by-products (bark, sawdust, shavings) from the production at the sawmills is used as fuel for their own solid fuel plants and are also sold. Buyers are e.g. Alvesta Energy with district heating plant at the sawmill in Moheda, other buyers are heating plants in Växjo, Värnamo and in the Skåne region. We seek as short shipments as possible to the consumers.

We have 7 timber trucks, 3 chip trucks and 25 drivers running commodity around the clock. In order to meet the raw material requirements of the sawmills, 100 fully loaded truck and trailer every day are needed. Timber trucks also run pulpwood to various industries. Chips cars are running products and sawn timber from own sawmills. We strive for short, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation. The cars have environmental engines of the latest model.



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