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The ATA Group, as consumers of forest raw materials and in its position as a wood processing industry, will work towards its business being conducted in the most gentle way possible, for the environment and for the employees. We shall comply with applicable legislation and follow PEFC’s requirements and intentions, and so far as possible, make sure that the raw material does not come from illegal or unauthorized harvesting and key habitats. Activities shall be conducted and improved in such a way that any negative impact on the environment. The raw material needs to, in greatest possible proportion, come from an environmentally certified forests. ATA Timber will work towards increasing this volume.

We will responsibly fulfill our commitment towards employees, the community, the environment and contractors. Staff shall be trained and informed so that it can meet the above requirements and intentions.

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Feel free to visit PEFC och FSC.

FSC certificat (PDF)

PEFC certificat (PDF)

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