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About ATA Timber

ATA Timber – a company of the right timber

ATA Timber is a leading Swedish producer of sawn wood products and Bleached Chemi-ThermoMechanical Pulp (BCTMP), operating one of Sweden’s largest privately-owned sawmill and pulp industries. Founded in 1945, ATA Timber is still a family owned business, with three generations actively involved in the company.

The business divisions are strategically located in southern Sweden, with seven saw lines, eight planing lines, seven batch kilns and 36 chamber kilns sited at six modern and effective production units. In addition, ATA Timber fully owns and operates Waggeryd Cell, a state-of-the art pulp production mill, as well as ATA Timber Värendskog, a forest management company in southern Sweden.

ATA Timber is the local forestry company and a long-term partner!

ATA Timber – overview of the business

Together the sawmills produce about 520 000 m3 of sawn wood products annually, of which 85% is exported globally. The pulp production capacity is approximately 225 000 tonnes per year and 70% of the final product is exported. Sustainability is the main priority in the production process as well as in every aspect of ATA Timber’s operations.

The wood chips used in the pulp production are predominantly supplied through ATA Timber’s saw mills and the chip volume required is about 1 300 000 m3 per annum. Forest regeneration is vital to preserve and cultivate the Swedish forest lands for future generations. ATA Timber facilitates extensive planting of approximately 3 000 000 saplings annually.








500 000 m3 sawn wood products & 200,000 tons of BCTMP pulp

Export share:

85% sawn wood products & 70% BCTMP pulp


SEK 3 billion (2023)

Number of employees:

About 275 people

Head office:

Moheda, Småland

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