Värendskog is a forest management and purchasing company that has been operating for over 30 years. We offer multiple services to facilitate and assist forest owners in the region. Six people are currently employed at the company, but indirectly, some 30 people are employed by Värendskog for a range of assignments. Värendskog has been part of the ATA group since 2011.

Värendskog is a useful option for those who have forestry assets in central Småland. We offer a complete programme of forest services thanks to our employed staff and full-time machine contractors.


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We offer multiple services to facilitate and assist forest owners in the region.

Employee at ATA Värendskog

Lars-Erik Frisk


Lars-Erik is a trained forest technician and has been at Värendskog since 2000. Before that he worked at Geijer Söner in Långasjö.

Mobile +46 70-342 84 40
Phone +46474-312 60
E-mail lars-erik@varendskog.se

Klas Sandberg


Klas is a trained forest technician and was employed at Värendskog in 2014. Klas has extensive forestry experience from previous employments at the Swedish Forest Agency, Sydved, Värendskog and Stora Enso.

Mobile +46 766-77 56 91
Phone +46 474-312 260
E-mail klas@varendskog.se

Joakim Gustafsson


Joakim is a trained Forest Master and started at Värendskog 2016. Joakim has previously worked 5 years at Sveaskog and 13 years as Inspector at Södra Skogsägarna in Högsby municipality.

Mobile +46 766-77 56 92
Phone +46 474-312 60
E-mail joakim@varendskog.se

Fredrik Rosell


Fredrik started at Värendskog 2018 and has extensive experience of forestry work. Among other things, he has worked as a machine operator and with felling planning where he had many landowner contacts.

Mobile +46 70-382 12 60
Phone +46 474-312 60
E-mail fredrik@varendskog.se

Filip Eliasson


Filip started working at ATA Värendskog 2020 and has extensive experience from forestry through his work at sawmills and machine operators. He has studied forestry in Ryssby and has previously run his own company with a thinning harvester.

Mobile +46 73-321 21 86
Telefon +46 474-312 60
E-mail filip@varendskog.se

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