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ATA Timber – quality products from southern Sweden’s forests

ATA Timber takes pride in its products, always striving to produce sawn timber and pulp of the highest quality. All raw material is sourced from some of the best managed and most sustainable forests in southern Sweden.  ATA Timber’s sawmills produce mostly pine and spruce wood products for the construction industry.

With its roots firmly in the local community, ATA Timber works closely with neighbouring forest owners with access to high quality raw material, supported by all essential forestry services. This co-operation has continued across many generations. By managing the logistics chain from forest to sawmill, as well as operating the production units, ATA Timber guarantees a process which is sustainable and efficient, adding value to the clients.

ATA Timber has been a dependable and committed supplier of wood products since the 1940’s and continues to develop relationships and create collaborations with global partners. The sales process typically involves preferred agents, who manage and expedite the sale on site.

The end result is coveted and high-quality products with strong demand in key markets, namely; Europe (Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Holland and Belgium), the United States, Middle East (Saudi Arabia), North Africa (Egypt) and Asia (China and India).

All raw materials come from some of the best managed forests in southern Sweden, which after careful logging, carried out by one of our 26 drivers who work around the clock to transport timber from the forests to one of our strategically located mills.

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