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ATA Timber Eneryda AB is engaged in sawing low-grade timber. Timber intake is fully automatic and ensures that every stock comes in with the top end first.

The low-grade timber line uses AriVislanda machines and consists of two profiled reducers and one splitter saw. For green sorting, the sawn product is assessed by quality and size, and is then sorted into lengths and packaged for drying.

Annual production comes in at around 50,000 m3 of sawn goods per 8-hour shift. The manufactured products are dried in the travelling dryer or in one of the three chamber dryers and then sorted/adjusted and packaged in the dry sorter.

A large portion of the production is then processed in the modern planing facility. Sales of sawn products are being made ​​from Moheda.


ATA Timber Eneryda AB

Eneryda 3, 34372 Eneryda
Phone +46 476-22 138

Site manager
Björn Senges
Phone +4672 337 06 95

The green sorting deemed the sawn goods for quality and size, and then the length sorted and packaged for drying.

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